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Official Wiki

The official wiki for The Cycle: Frontier.

Explore detailed information about a variety of subjects

Such as our detailed weapon stats, our expansive lore articles & more

It is actively maintained by community contributors, which everyone can be a part of

Interactive Map

The most precise Interactive Map for TC:F

Look up exact spawn locations of every item, dead drops, evac locations & more

Always updated for the latest patch

Item Tracker

Easily track the items you are looking for in a to-do list

Quickly look up item information

TC:F Toolbox App

Our mobile app for TC:F

Detailed information in the convenient, package of a mobile Android app

Always updated for the latest patch

Will be released to the Google Play Store soon

Weapon Calculator

View detailed weapon statistics

Calculate weapon statistics like TTK & DPS versus all types of armor

Compare two weapons with eachother

Loadout Generator

Generate random loadouts on the fly

Share loadouts with other people

Our Contributors


  • Item Tracker


  • Wiki Lead
  • Social Media
  • Interactive Map
  • Weapon Calculator
  • This Website

Wiki Contributors

  • Wiki Contributions
  • Bug Reports & Feature Requests
  • Massive thanks to all of you!


  • Wiki Lead
  • Interactive Map
  • Loadout Generator

Soulin (クリス)

  • TC:F Toolbox App (WIP)